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Landmark Update Notes 1/27/15

Official Landmark news, updates, and down times.

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Post Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:39 pm

Landmark Update Notes 1/27/15

After Christmas break and the studio being invaded by zombies, the team finally has a new update! Here are the update notes! :)


The first Achievements have been added to Landmark! This initial wave contains the basic starter tutorial-style Achievements, designed to help new players get started in the game. We will quickly expand the list of Achievements to support and guide players along full progression paths for all of the different playstyles in the game that they want to pursue, plus many standalone Achievements for one-off activities and accomplishments.

Read all about the achievement system inside.

More updates!

  • Cave Sounding Tool
  • Combat Iterations
  • Building Tool Improvements
  • Tooltip Compare
  • L&T Improvements
  • New Materials
  • New Emitters
  • Marketplace

... and not to forget: New Character and Environment Detailed Normals!


Please step inside to read all about the updates!
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Post Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:41 pm

Re: Update Notes 1/27/15

Update notes continued:


The tutorial Achievements are all available and displayed prominently on the Watch List the moment you login. The Watch List is that new nifty gizmo on the right side of the HUD that shows you the objectives for all of the Achievements you’re currently tracking. It has some pretty nifty visual effects and, in the near future, it will also compile your tracked recipe ingredients into a single handy “shopping” list to reference while you’re out harvesting, to replace the current Recipe Tracker window.

You can check out the starter Achievements by opening your Journal (keybinding: ‘J’). You’ll find three tabs:

  • Goals: The big-picture plan for specific types of playstyles and progressions. Want to be the premiere PvP player? The Gladiator goals will help you get there. Want to learn a bit about building? The Builder goals will start you with the basics and lead you towards the more advanced accomplishments and techniques. These are special guides that will help you find relevant Achievements for whatever you want to accomplish in game. Currently, only the Tutorial goal is present. Progression and side-accomplishment goals will be added soon.
  • Feats: “Achievements” in the traditional sense, meaning that you unlock them by accomplishing things and participating in events in-game. This is where the bulk of Achievements will be.
  • Collection: Achievements that are tied to collecting the many, many cool things buried away in the fun world of Landmark.

Achievements can come in many different quality levels, just like items. All of these beginner Achievements are the lowest quality level Starter. You’ll notice that the Landmark Basics goal, which encapsulates all of these starter Achievements, has a special card border and gem color. That’s because it’s an Epic-quality Achievement, the highest in the game. We’ll explain the quality levels more when we release the next wave of Achievements that utilize them.

To see more details about an Achievement, just click on its card in the Journal window to bring up its detailed view. There you can see more details about how to earn the Achievement, your progress on all of its objectives, any Achievements that it’s related to, and a list of rewards you get for unlocking them. These starter Achievements currently only reward Achievement Points – a vanity system for showing off how many Achievements you’ve completed. In the future, Achievements will reward awesome things like new recipes, titles, items, and other goodies.

On that detailed page, you can also find a large “Watch Achievement” button, which will allow you to track that Achievement on your Watch List (or turn it off if you’re already tracking it). You can also untrack Achievements on the Watch List directly by clicking the little eye symbol in the upper-right corner.

So there’s a quick breakdown of the starter Achievements being released in this update. Like I mentioned, this is a very small initial release of tutorial-style Achievements. The next batch will include Progression Achievements that are much more exciting, long-term, and rewarding. We can’t wait to show them to you!

Cave Sounding Tool

  • Crafted at the workshop, the Cave Sounder will temporarily reveal the location of nearby caves. This works much like the Ground Sounder and the Ore Prospector.

Combat Iterations

  • The White Wisp’s Wisp Projection ranged attack now deals more damage.
  • The Slaug’s Claw Slash attack now deals more damage.
  • Slaugs who are spawned from a template had their tether ranges doubled, to be equivalent to random roaming Slaugs.
  • Players can now trigger the Fiery Fungus’ detonation by damaging them, which will occasionally result in a more deadly explosion. Fungus destroyed this way have a small chance to drop loot.
  • The Chomper’s Carnivorous Lunge attack now deals significantly more damage.
  • Chompers at higher tiers now track and turn more quickly when watching a target.
  • Abominations are no longer so quick to disengage, and when backing away will often choose to bound back and attack players still within their aggro range.
  • White Wisp now has a heightened sense of survival, and as a result will attempt to evade players more aggressively – particularly melee attackers.
  • Fixed the Chomper’s "dead zone”, which caused him to watch players rather than shoot them in the face with his ranged attack when they stood at a specific range.
  • NPC population should now be more evenly distributed across all biomes.
  • Channeled abilities now stop when they're overcasted.
  • You're now removed from combat much more quickly, after defeating an NPC.
  • PC / NPC names will no longer render through UI windows.

Building Tool Improvements

  • When rotating a Prop or Paste Volume in Tweak Mode, the widget will now briefly "snap" at 90 degrees.
  • Paste volumes are now located directly on your cursor. Previously it would be up / over by one voxel, making it difficult to paste small sections. A 1x1x1 pasted voxel will now appear directly on your cursor.
  • The selection volume should no longer disappear when leaving your claim boundary.

Tooltip Compare

  • You can now compare equipped Tools, Armor, and Weapons with items that you have in your inventory.
  • With an item equipped, simply hover over an item that is the same type. The stat differential should display on the items tooltip.

L&T Improvements

  • Made some changes to the Area Tool in order to make it feel more like the Selection Tool.
    • You can now scale the size of the cursor, before drawing your area.
    • You can now rotate OR translate the volume after its been drawn, by using CTRL. (Press CTRL multiple times to cycle through.)
  • Added the ability to Enable / Disable interactions on props

New Character and Environment Detailed Normals

We're continuing our work on adding detailed normals to props in the environment, as well as player characters and outfits. Check out the detail on the fabric and leather of the outfit below!


New Materials

We’ve got 45 brand new Sci Fi themed materials for you!
  • Shiny, Matte and Smooth in the following tints:
    • White / Light Gray / Medium Gray / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Orange / Purple / Dark Gray and Black
  • Diamond Tread in the following tints:
    • Cobalt / Copper / Etherium / Gold / Iron / Mithril / Rubicite / Silver / Tin / Tungsten
  • Red and Yellow Caution Trims

New Emitters

These emitters can be found as loot from defeated NPCs.
  • Chromasphere Mote Emitter
  • Leyline Crystal Emitter
  • Stasis Field Mote Emitter
  • Obelisk Glow Mote Emitter
  • Shadow Well Mote Emitter
  • Scrying Pool Mote Emitter
  • Shadow Portal Mote Emitter
  • Shadow Cage Mote Emitter
  • Elemental Barrage Mote Emitter
  • Blessed Hammer Mote Emitter
  • Tempest Squall Mote Emitter
  • Shadow Lamp Mote Emitter
  • Teleporter Mote Emitter
  • Control Point Mote Emitter
  • Rules Object Mote Emitter
  • Small Steam Mote Emitter
  • Large Steam Mote Emitter
  • Waterfall Mote Emitter


  • Added bundles of Lumicite, Solucite, and Emitters to the Showcase.

Bug Fixes / Misc

  • The Alchemy Station has a new look!
    • The Alchemy Station has been updated with a new model. Note, existing player owned Alchemy Stations have not been updated to use this model (to prevent problems with existing builds), but can be converted for free at a Tinkerer’s Workshop.
    • Additionally the Hex Lounge, a new non-interactive furniture prop featuring the original Alchemy Station’s model has been added to the game.
  • Solar Surcoat now properly increases your light radius.
  • Fixed an issue where some graveyard props did not have collision.
  • The notification that goes to a Party Leader when another member recommends an invite should no longer persist.
  • You should no longer crash when attempting to switch weapons while in the middle of an attack animation.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a broken animation, if you tried to walk while using a sickle.
  • You'll now get an appropriate error when attempting to teleport with insufficient shards.
  • The Armor of Regrowth now grants the proper amount of Armor Regeneration.
  • The hit indicator should no longer be accidentally stuck on screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to place voxels / props at the top most layer of your claim volume.
  • Sliding Shag Rugs should no longer reset position after a server bounce.
  • Linking and Triggering now works correctly with the Moving Platform.
  • Addressed some bugs related to visual anomalies under the ocean surface. anomalies
  • Pasting after changing islands should now work correctly.
  • Fiery Fungi should no longer damage voxels on claims.
  • Vivox channels should no longer always be enabled, regardless of the check box being checked / unchecked.
  • Disabling a Translocation Pad via L&T should no longer disable all prop interactions on a claim.
  • Returned the proper tint to the default Rope props.
  • Axes and Sickles no longer share harvesting tier stats, and instead each have their own unique one.
  • The Obsidian Obelisk prop is now crafted with obsidian instead of more stone, and the Simple Stained Glass prop is now crafted with ruby instead of more agate.
  • The visual for the Courtier's Regalia on female characters is now working properly.
  • Fixed the candle recipes that were referring to Sunblossom (which is not currently in-game.)
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Post Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:11 am

Re: Update Notes 1/27/15

Miss Chicken, guild leader in Landmark, thank you so much for posting this! You rock! :nodding :thumbsup :party
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Post Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:51 am

Re: Landmark Update Notes 1/27/15

Thanks very much for the good info, Janay ♥

(I edited your OP, adding "Landmark" in the title, so it would show on the front page of the site that way)

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