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*UPDATED* V&H: New patch brings changes galore.

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Post Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:39 pm

*UPDATED* V&H: New patch brings changes galore.

Attention, all Villagers and Heroes!: :king


V&H Patch #2.36.4 has brought several changes to the game, from the introduction of new items, to changes in the UI, Ranching, Gardening, and general game play; not to mention a long list of bug fixes to smooth game play considerably.

A brief overview of the many changes this patch introduces...

  • Harvest themed goods added to item shop to include a new outfit, consumables, and a weapons gnogmentation pack.
  • Ranching improvements.
  • Gardening changes.
  • Lucky Card improvements, of special importance to those who have purchased the Ardent Society membership.
  • Item Shop changes, to include character makeovers, and access to past seasonal outfits.
  • Elder Fragment changes.
  • Village Vault changes, primarily the addition of a village vault log.
  • Classless Shields, of particular note for those classes for which shields were not previously available.
  • Bounty XP Scaling.
  • User Interface changes
  • Bug Fixes.

Specific details in full, here.
Shortcut to full patch notes, here.
shortcut to Ranch specific changes, here.

source: Villagers & Heroes Official Forum



The following patches have been made due to certain errors that surfaced after the Harvest Update went live.

English Patchnotes 2.37.0 - Wednesday December 3 2014

* Improvements:

  • Changed the zone loading progress to be slightly smoother.
  • Balanced the sale price of the golden sheep. It is now slightly lower.

* Bug Fixes:

  • Blocking
    1. Fixed a problem where the block list was simply not accurate (you can see the block list by typing /block).
    2. Fixed a bug where when someone would invite someone to party, guild, etc., and the gui would offer the options "yes, no, and block", that the block option did not actually work.
    3. Fixed a bug where some of the time when blocked another character who was not nearby, it simply did not work. Now it does.
  • Fixed: insects with the "Sheep Treat" description would cancel the Ardent Society Membership effects until you relogged.
  • One of the shapes in the game (Celestia's Savage Symphonic Bow) did not have a 3D shape defined properly. This was causing anyone who had that bow, AND anyone who came near someone with that bow, to force a verify assets the next time into the game. This has been fixed.
  • We corrected some quests that promised gold rewards using the old system (so the rewards promised were 10,000 higher than in reality).
  • In Mezzanine, we adjusted the position of the teleporter Kelund to make more accessible.
  • Fixed a crash bug causing by tracking any of these quests: Composer's Apples, Cherry Chest, and Lifelike Authenticity.
  • Fixed: the Lucky Card icon next to mini-map was not showing up.
  • Fixed several cases where items would be missing the first time their container is opened:
    1. Items received in the mail.
    2. Items in crates/chests.
    3. Items in the shared vault.
  • Fixed: enhancement runes wouldn't show up after being added until the player zoned.
  • Improved some navigation for Skarn
  • Fixed some typos and spelling errors.
  • Added an icon for Fish Eggs
  • Fixed: In the quest that requires you to get indigo in Memorial Pond, the quest journal tells the player to get gold dust, which doesn't exist in game anymore.
  • We fixed the bug nodes in Mounds. There are now 5 additional nodes that are specific and give quest items for Blasio. Only these special nodes will help in the quests. All other nodes now have a 0% chance to drop the level 15 quest items.
  • Fixed: I am stuck in a hole, my location is at 267 107 111 in Pyrron Courtyard. I tried /unstick but it only left me in the same place.

Source: Originally posted by Tiberius, on the V&H Forum.

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Post Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:43 pm

Re: Villagers & Heroes: New patch brings changes galore.

English Patchnotes 2.36.4 - Wednesday November 26 2014

Hello Everyone,

This patch contains the addition of some new Harvest / Thanksgiving themed items, the ranching changes, big changes to Elder Fragments, bounty XP and more.

Full Patch Notes

* Improvements:

Harvest has arrived!
Players will notice several new harvest themed items added, including a new outfit, some new consumables, and a new weapon gnogmentation pack. These can all be found under the harvest tab in the item shop.
Ranching improvements
We have made several improvements to ranching, all of which are listed in detail in the next post following this one. ;
We also made the following changes:
The amount of fleece normal sheep drop has been increased
Garden produce asked for by your sheep will always be at least 5 levels behind your ranching skill
We slightly reduced the chance that your sheep will ask for lute, flute, pet, or groom.
We greatly boosted the XP given by the lute, flute, pet, and groom
Lucky Card improvements:
Players who have an Ardent Society membership will no longer receive experience potions or travel runes from lucky cards, since these overlap with membership benefits. To replace those items we have added Damage Boosters, Medallion Potions, Extra Sockets, Animal Treats, and Zharim Spring Water to the lucky card rewards for all players. Additionally we have added the Fancy Gentleman's Outfit Pack, along with the Fancy Lady's outfit pack (both packs are usable by either gender). These outfit packs are very rare, and can only be obtained with lucky cards.
Likewise the Daily Bonus no longer gives travel runes to players with an Ardent Society membership.
Item Shop Changes
We have added a Makeover item to the item shop. Players can purchase this item and use it. After this, the "Makeover" button will show on the characters portrait during character selection (where it will remain until the makeover is used). This will allow players to change their hair, face, skin color, eye color, etc. This process can be done once per Makeover item purchase, but the purchase and change can be made however many times a character wishes to do so.
Due to popular request, we have added a seasonal outfit tab to the item shop. Here, any seasonal outfit that we sell can be purchased, regardless of the time of year. The one exception to this is Christmas which will be added when the holiday build goes out. The seasonal outfit tab only contains outfits, not consumable items our bundles.
We have removed the Pyrron tab, the outfits have been added to the seasonal tab.
We have removed Halloween, the outfits have been added to the seasonal tab.
We added harvest!
Elder Fragments
There are now only four different types of elder fragments at every tier of elder gear. The four fragments can be used to create either a weapon or a piece of armor for your class. If a player wishes to have both armor and weapon, they will need to collect each fragment twice (or three times at higher levels)
All elder bosses now only drop one single type of elder fragment.
Because of this change, The Spider Queen and Johnny Serano are no longer elder bosses.
The portals to Shadow Chasm, underworld's Furnace, and Villar Summit have all been relocated to their respectful level range areas.
The dialog while having Arcron perform an elder restoration has been improved
The tooltip for Elder Fragments has been greatly improved to show more detail into the Elder gear systems.
All preexisting elder fragments will be converted over to the new type
Village Vault Log
Village Vaults now have a Vault Log, which can be used to see who put what items in and took which out.
Classless Shields
Several players have asked for "classless shields." Shields that any player can wear as an accessory, and priests and warriors can use to style the shields they use. We have added this.
Players will see Cully, a new NPC in Ardent City. Cully will sell you a conforming buckler, that can be worn by anybody. Additionally she will sell gnogmentation packs for different shield types. Each pack contains 7 different versions of that shield. Most of the shield skins were preexisting, but each pack has had at least one brand new skin added.
Bounty XP Scaling:
We did an evaluation / pass on how bounty xp scales vs combat XP tables. After a lot of testing and research, we have tweaked the bounty XP. This change will be very slight and almost insignificant for bounties below level 30. Bounties from level 30 and above will see bigger changes. No bounty has had its XP reduced, they have all been boosted, some more than others. Our hope is that because of this change, the leveling process will feel more smooth and slightly accelerated, rather than areas where players hit hard 'walls.'
Cornucopia's now have a 3d loot model
The chance of getting class-appropriate loot has been increased. If you are soloing, the chance that a given piece of equipment will match your class is now 50%. In a party, the chances that it will match at least one party member is 75% if two classes are represented, and 90% if three.
We have made several improvements to loading time and decreased hitching when a zone is first loaded.
Tooltips now fade in and out more smoothly.
Players can now zoom farther out from their characters using the scroll wheel
We have added support for zone teleporters. Some zones already had these but they were through dialog which was sometimes confusing. Now, talking to a teleporter in a zone 'discovers' that teleporter, allowing you to teleport there again.
Teleporters only work within the same zone, you cannot teleport to a specific teleporter from out of the zone.
All teleporters must be rediscovered after this build, regardless of if you have discovered them before.
All teleporters have a small gold cost associated with them, this amount scales with zone level (not player level).
The following zones have been converted to the new system.
Maiden, Traven, Corkle Woods, Crystal Spire, All Pyrron Dungeon zones
The following zones have had teleporters added
Sapphirra's Lament, Shiverspine, Shadow Fated Traven
Music Improvements
Music tracks now cross-fade instead of pausing for 10-30 seconds between tracks.
The "Skip to Next Track" hotkey now works.
We boosted the bounty reward for defeating Elder Bosses that are much lower level than the player.
Rapid Fire now lists in its tool-tip its boosts to damage and total spirit.
Spirit Regeneration while not in combat was increased so that a character can regenerate all lost spirit in about 1 minute.
Wizard's Spirit Charm is a little more powerful at low ranks and a little less powerful at high ranks.
Switched Block to being account-wide. Note: you will have to re-block characters that you had before! Since we changed the system, we have lost the old blocks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

* Bug Fixes:

Fixed: If a bounty is killed by knocking it off an edge or a similar method, players who assisted in the fight but didn't have kill credit would still get bounty credit.
Fixed: the amounts shown on the enhancement screen are still shown in old gold.
Fixed: in the village status gui, fixed button overlap for second-in-command.
The quest "Rogue Gnome's" has been tweaked to be much easier (the drops have a much greater chance of dropping)
Consuming two normal Damage Boosters will now extend duration rather than overriding
Consuming two holiday Damage boosters will now pop a warning rather than overriding
Fixed a weird quest state with Vita in the Pyrron Apothecary
Fixed several issues with Undadar in the Arcane Rift
Fixed a bug preventing players from dragging-and-dropping account-bound items into their outfit.
Don't allow players to drag-and-drop into a village vault tab, since it was buggy.
Fixed some dialog typos ("Here are you..."-> "Here are your...")
We fixed this bug where monsters could stuck so they won't attack: "A player(s) attacks several mobs, and then purposely get them all stuck in aegis (using the fences in spooky town, for example), then they go and round up several more while the first ones are still stuck. Since the first mobs are stuck, but attacked first, it limits how many melee attackers will go for the target, so the rest are in 'waiting their turn mode'. So they can't attack or damage the first set, but that isn't the point or the target, because the second set will stand around not doing anything, thinking that they will get a chance to attack eventually."
We made some changes so that certain bosses are less likely to 'blink' out of combat and reset. This should be most noteable on bosses like Undadar where he would sometimes unsummon all of his plants and gain full health.
Fixed: opening the village status window when not the mayor would cause a crash.
Fixed: the debugging FPS bar was showing up in actual game builds.
Fixed: the village vault log could get stuck behind the vault window.
Fixed: the bridge in Ardent Hub was orange and saying "No Material".
Fixed: fixed bug causing Travel Runes and Hero/Villager XP potions from Lucky Cards to show up 13x too rarely.
Clicking escape to close the village vault will now also close the vault log if it's open.
Working as intended: We are being booted from the vault when another person comes to use it. Note: Since village vaults are shared, multiple players cannot currently use them at the same time. Otherwise, e.g. if one player removes an item from the vault, it would have to disappear from the vault for all other players who are also using the vault, which could get confusing and which would take some work to set up.
Fixed the description for shields
Fixed the description for cornucopia pack
Fixed the harvest package deal pack to be account bound
Fixed Turkey Sockets to be tradeable
Johhny and spider Queen are now officially demoted
Hopefully fixed the issue with level 70 elder parts showing a <
Fixed the conforming shield to no longer show in the wrong list
Fixed some issues with tooltips in the shopping list
Fixed description of shimmering fleece
Hopefully fixed a bug with ranching sending out double fleece
Fixed high level smithing tools to use the proper ingredients
Made it so level 75 elder gear can't be resotred unless you have completed the rift gear
The quest, "Beginning of the End" now requires you to also complete Elda's quest, "Arcane Ascension"
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Post Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:46 pm

Re: Villagers & Heroes: New patch brings changes galore.

Ranching Improvements: What do you think?

Hello everyone!

We are doing a much need update / improvement on Ranching, and are bringing you all in on the conversation.

First off, we have made a tweak to a gardening crop line (this will make sense later).

All vegetables are now 9 hour grow times. Many already were, as that was the trend starting at about level 35, but earlier level vegetables had durations all over the place (some were 9, others 22, etc.). So now, if it is a vegetable, it grows in 9 hours.

So now for the Ranching changes...

Improvement #1 – How animals desire treats

Animals have always wanted treats based on the level of their owners Ranching skill. As a player leveled their skill, new treats became available. Additionally, animals would get XP based on the level of the treat that you gave them, the higher level the treat, the better XP for your animal.

However, once a rancher learned a treat, they never unlearned it, and their animals would always sometimes ask for it. This made is so we couldn’t flush in more high level treats, since it would create impossibly long lists that players would have to keep track of. This made it so at higher levels, there was no benefit to leveling up your ranching skill, and it was also slow going with low XP returns.

All of the above is how the system currently works on live.

We are changing it so that animals will continually ask for more treats all the way to max level. However, we have also changed it so that low level treats will 'fall off' of your animals request list. Now, each animal has a maximum amount of treats they will ask for. Sheep are 10, Pigs are 5, and Chickens are 5. This means a rancher with all three kinds of animals will never need more than 20 items at hand (before this numbers could be upwards of 35-40). This also means high level ranchers will get to use high level ingredients, and the pace at raising livestock will overall increase (since higher level treats = higher XP gains for your animals).

Improvement #2 –What treats animals desire

Additionally, we cleaned up what some of animals would ask for. Animals will now ask for things accordingly:

Chickens ask for bugs (this has not changed)
Pigs ask for mushrooms (this has not changed)
Sheep (all kinds) ask for fruit or vegetables. Sheep will no longer ask for any type of flower, only fruit (plant lore) or vegetables (gardening, and all of which are now 9 hour crops). This change helps to keep our system clean (i.e. flowers are for selling), and it also keeps the system more clear (there was confusion before with hasty vs normal since they share an icon).

Improvement #3 – The Animal Shopping List

Now all of the above may (hopefully) sound good to you all. But that is a lot of information to remember! Which brings us to the next improvement to ranching, the Animal Shopping List!

There is a now a new menu that players can get to from the Kennel board (while in their animal pen) or from the village menu (available from the village menu button, usable anywhere in the world). This new menu is the "Animal Shopping List." This list will tell you exactly what your animals will be craving at any given time. Here it will show icons and tooltips for the items, and clicking on an item will open up the item browser so players can find out how to get the item. This tool should be very helpful in letting you know what you need, and what you can get rid of.

The Animal shopping list will also let you ‘flip’ levels, so you can see what treats are upcoming, and even what is behind you if you wish. There are also a few tips listed here that can help you along your way.
It is important to note that this menu can be accessed by the village menu. This means you can access this menu anywhere in the world, so if you need to see which snacks to grab from the Stone Gardens, you can simply pop your menu and find out.

Improvement #4 – Special Effect Icons

We have added small special effect icons to various items in the world. These will tell you if the item is something that a certain type of animal will ever crave, to help you keep a close lookout for things you need. We also hope that this will steer more people to explore the skill of Ranching.

Improvement #5 – The Golden Sheep

We are adding a new type of sheep, the Golden Sheep. This sheep will be available to players with Ranching skill level 50 and above, and will be quite expensive (100g to purchase).

The purpose of the Golden Sheep is to help players generate gold, but not in the way that you might think. A golden sheep will have fleece ready to harvest every 2 days (just like the pig). The fleece it produces will have a sell value on it that increases with level, but will be for a relatively low sell value.

Where the Golden Sheep shines is when you sell it back to the vendor. After purchasing your Golden Sheep, it can be sold for 20 gold (1/5th the initial cost, just like all other animals). However unlike other animals, the Golden Sheep sells for more the higher level it becomes, eventually surpassing the 100g investment mark, and granting substantial returns to the player.

This allows players to always have a ranching animal to take care of, since unlike other animals, you sell it back once you are done (no doubt the buyers of your sheep will give it a good home).

The Golden sheep isn’t so much an extra feature as it is a quick addition along with the other fixes. It has been a long time since a new animal has been added, but we thought it was a nice time to do it with all of the fixes.
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Post Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:55 pm

Re: Villagers & Heroes: New patch brings changes galore.

Wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo! This is soooooooooooooooooooo AMAZING :shock: :cry: <----- tears of joy
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Post Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:48 am

Re: Villagers & Heroes: New patch brings changes galore.

Most of all I just love the shopping list so that you can see what your animals will request to be fed. I also think it is great that you can access this list from the Menu/Village so that you don't have to go back to your animal pen to remember. Just awesome! :thumbsup

Yup, I know I am late with posting my excitement about this. LOL!

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