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V&H Upcoming Promotion for Steam Players

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Post Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:06 am

V&H Upcoming Promotion for Steam Players

Diet has posted this announcement on the Villagers and Heroes forum:

Hello everyone!

As you all know Halloween is just around the corner, and of course Spooky Druda and the other denizens of Spooky Town are up to no good! As with other holidays, we will be releasing several brand new Halloween costumes, along with putting all of our previous Halloween outfits in the item shop.

While the Halloween build is going up shortly, the costumes will not go on sale until early next week. However, we are posting up prematurely about this matter because of a slightly peculiar thing we are going to be doing.

As always with new outfits, we will be releasing a new Steam DLC (short for: downloadable content) item that contains all of the treats and goodies, as well as an equivalent item in our item shop. The exact contents and details of the pack are displayed further below. As you can see, there is a lot of value in this pack. Some of the items may be overlap for some players, but even with that overlap, most players will find value in this pack.

This pack will be sold as a DLC on steam for 19.99 USD, and the equivalent item will be 349 crowns in our item shop. However, for the first week we will be running a sale on Steam for 80% off, causing the price to drop to 3.99 USD. However, our item shop version will not go on sale, and will remain 349 crowns.

The reason for this is because of Steam’s new system in populating our game in their store. In order to have our items show up at the top of lists, we need to not only release new DLC, we need to also sell that DLC. So we are doing a test with our 2014 Halloween pack. We are selling the content for very cheap at a loss to us (that we deem as a marketing expense), in hopes that our game then becomes populated onto several top slots, thus providing us with more users.

Now, we realize that this would be unfair to a lot of players. So we have taken a few steps to maintain fairness.
  • First and foremost, the DLC will be tradable! Any user can buy the item off of Steam for the discounted price, and then trade the item to any friend, village mate, or even their main account. To do this you will have to create a steam account (which is free). Players can then buy the pack for $3.99, and trade the item off to whoever they wish.
  • To facilitate in this, there will be a special in-game ad that will be displayed that directs players how to do this, and eases the steps. Once the process is complete, a non-Steam player can have the exact benefits of the Halloween pack for the low discounted price.
  • Wild Tangent Users: There will be one small exception, only available for Wild Tangent users. If you are a Wild Tangent player, you will be able to purchase the item shop version of the 2014 Halloween pack for an 80% discounted crown price. This is because of some technical and legal limitations, and is only available for Wild Tangent players.

Our hope is that through the increased sale of our DLC pack on Steam, our game will rise back to the top of some lists, and in turn we will get more people playing the game that you all love and care about.
We will maintain this thread open for questions before and after the launch of the Halloween event.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and cooperation, and of course… Happy Halloween!

2014 Halloween Pack Contents
This pack contains the following costume sets: Each costume set comes with the costume, as well as a Gnogmenting pack that permanently unlocks the outfit for all characters on your entire account!
  • Spider Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack
  • Batty Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack
  • Sugar Sweet Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack
  • Ghostly Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack
  • Angel of Light Costume + Gnogmenting pack
  • Angel of Death Costume + Gnogmenting pack
  • Angel of the Inferno Costume + Gnogmenting pack
  • Angel of Candy Costume + Gnogmenting pack
  • The Spooky Mask Collection: You will receive one of each of the following masks, plus each mask's appearance will be unlocked on your entire account.
    • Sheep Mask, Wolf Mask, Dummy Mask, Clown Mask, Target Mask, Cave Brute Mask, Bog Frog Mask, Razorback Mask, Troll Mask, Chicken Mask

Additionally, this pack contains the following starter items:
  • Extra bag space*: Permanently unlock the 5th bag slot (an extra 30 slots of inventory space!) for your entire account, including current and future characters.
  • Experience Boost*: Boost your hero’s rate of experience by an extra 50% for an entire month!
  • A generous assortment of various consumable items:
    • 10 Full Health Potions
    • 10 Full Spirit Potions
    • 5 Instant Resurrects
    • 5 Gnogmenting Sockets

* The 5th bag slot will be unlocked on all future and current characters. Characters that already have the fifth bag slot opened (by purchasing the bag or the Hero of the Elders pack) will not receive any extra inventory space.
* This experience bonus does not stack with Ardent Society Memberships
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Post Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:50 am

Re: V&H Upcoming Promotion for Steam Players

WOW!! This is for sure something I have to check out. Thanks for posting this, Marisol! :party
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Post Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:48 am

Re: V&H Upcoming Promotion for Steam Players

Ooooooo! This is going to be epic! Cant wait!!!!

Thnx for posting this!!!!!

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