Post Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:05 pm

Zilten's Chat Ban (reanimated)

*edit* I just realised that you guys probably don't know who those people are, well in another forum there was a popular live chat ban, and i once animated it. Ayhay was a moderator over at the Minemator Forums, and Zilten by now is no longer banned from chat. But I wanted to show off my latest animation. Here's the overdue animation - it was finally rendered last night but i didn't have the time to make a forum topic for it. so here.

If you can't see the text, i apologize. I don't have any voice actors. But here is the script:

[spoiler]What can I help you with?
I think I'm sick..
*eye Moment*
..You have Roleplayus..
Is there anything for it, Doctor?
No.. I'm afraid not.. *weep*
I think there is one thing you can do..
What is it?
Ban me.. FOR SCIENCE! *cries*
If that is what you wish! *cries*
Bye friend..
Bro! I was JK![/spoiler]

Here was the original: