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Landmark Update Notes 10/14/2014

Update Notes for Landmark 10/14/2014
Posted by Felgon on the Official Landmark forums.

Heroic Movement Changes
There have been significant changes to the way Heroic Movement works. Please see the separate post below for specifics.
Weapon Adjustments and Armor
There have been significant changes to the weapons that are currently available. We're also introducing Armor for the first time! Please see the separate post below for specifics.
Default Controls and Keybindings
There have been significant changes to the default controls and Keybindings. Please see the separate post below for specifics.

We're introducing a new slot on your Character Sheet this update - The Appearance Outfit.
This slot lets you use any outfit that you might have, as a visual override to the armor you're equipping.
This means you can use any of the cool outfits you got from your Trailblazer Packs, or from the Marketplace, while still equipping combat armor!
Heroic Movement Ruleset Restrictions
You can now decide to limit what Heroic Movement abilities are used in your PVP matches.
This includes:
Multi Jump
Grappling Hook

We're currently experiencing issues with our settings on the High Jump restriction (Lunar Treads, Leaper's Launchers, Neon Blitzing Boots) so we've removed it for now. We'll add this setting in a future update.

UI Changes
The Action Bar has a new look! Internally, we are currently in the midst of a full UI redesign. This will include both UI skinning, as well as different functionality. We'll be releasing these in chunks as they are ready, but for now please enjoy the newer, cleaner Action Bar.
Also of note: we've added the ability to lock the action bar.
New Materials
In preparation for future Workshop competitions, we have a large number of new materials for you!
Small Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
Medium Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
Large Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
Intricate Stone Slabs
Intricate Stone Cut
Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim
Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim Small
Vertical Dull Stone Geometric Trim
Horizontal Dull Stone Geometric Trim
Geometric Stone Floor Tile
Geometric Stone Pavers
Oxeblood Rough Cloth
Vertical Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
Horizontal Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
Dull Bronze
Dull Horizontally Banded Bronze
Dull Vertically Banded Bronze
Dull Hammered Bronze
Dull Bronze Panels
Dull Riveted Bronze
Horizontal Brass Intricate Trim
Oxidized Brass
Hammered Brass
Vertical Dull Iron Geometric Trim
Horizontal Dull Iron Geometric Trim
Dull Dark Iron
Dull Horizontally Banded Dark Iron
Dull Vertically Banded Dark Iron
Dull Dark Iron Hammered Metal
Dull Dark Iron Panels
Dull Riveted Dark Iron
Worn Dark Iron
Dull Iron Hammered Metal
Crusted Lava
Please note that since Lava does not exist in a biome at this time, it will simply use Stone as a resource. Once lava can be found in the world, we'll move it over to use that resource.


Bug Fixes
Previously, the Spire would not always teleport you on the first click. This should no longer occur.
Fixed an issue where the Translocation Pad would fail if placed on a vertical surface.
Interactable props that have an on / off, should now work more reliably.
Addressed an issue that would cause the General Chat tab to be unusable, if you logged out with it active.
Logging out on the spire should no longer result in you being under the spire when logging back in.
Removed the option to Duplicate a Game Table, since you can't have more than one on a claim anyway.
You can now teleport to your Game Props, even if you're standing in a claim that does not contain a Game Prop.
Game Props can be brought out and placed even if you're not in a claim that currently has a Game Prop.
Addressed an issue that was causing a gap between the Moving Platform and their docks.
Fixed the Flame FX on the SOE Live 2014 prop.
Kill Bonus and Death Penalty options should now work correctly.
Fixed an issue where Double Jumping at the end of a front roll animation would cause the player to float.
Your player will now appropriately slide down inclines.
Added audio to the Gothic Gates.
The chat tab should now default to "Chat" upon login, not Combat or Loot.
The Yellow Spotlight should no longer show candles as a lightsource.
You can now use the Smooth Tool when under the ocean. We're still working on this functionality for smoothing under user placed voxel water.
Fixed the collision on all rope props. Previously, their collision was about twice as large as the model itself.

To read more about the specifics of this update you can find out more HERE.