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Wizard101 Darkmoor Dungeons

Hey, hey, hey!! Just a heads up for the Darkmoor Dungeons. Please note that I was doing these at the same time on the game. :) Also...when I did the Golden Key Room in Upper Halls... it was my first time. :oops: :oops:

Castle Darkmoor
First Dungeon of three.

When you get to the first battle, NO HEALS. If you use any kind of heals (pet heals, spell heals {healing current, pixie, sprite, satyr}, etc.) the boss will use a No-Pip Gnome on you. This boss is Life with 4 Balance minions. He has 28,050, his minions holding 7,015. This boss's name is Howling Chaney. You may not be able to use heals, BUT you can use shields. This battle should take 30 minutes to an hour, depending who is on your team, and how many is on your team.

When you reach the second, and final battle, you meet Sir Blackwater with 2 Storm minions and 1 Death minion. This boss has many cheats. You can NOT single blade, no feints until the 5th round, be careful with elemental/spiritual blades. Shields and heals are allowed. I suggest hitting whenever you can. With a wand, with an enchanted hit, or not enchanted. Try and kill him ASAP! If you don't, he will use the Darkmoor School spells you receive. Death spell, Life spell, and Storm spell. He boosts to Fire, Myth, and Ice. He has 29,190 (or somewhere around there) health. He constantly uses Healing Current and Sacrifice (be careful with feints!) to keep at full health.

Upper Halls

First battle is just Myth minions. You can skip them or do them, that's up to you.

Second battle is a Fire boss, with 30,210 health. This boss has 3 Storm minions, beware, they like to spam Storm Lord!! :-D Fire school is not allowed to blade, no single blades can be used. Elemental/Spiritual Blades CAN be used. Traps are allowed as well. Be careful with your choice of actions!! ;) ;)

Third battle is just another group of minions, 1 Ice, 3 Storm. You can choose to skip, or fight them for extra drops. This is your choice.

Golden Key Room (Fourth Battle)
Death boss, Bunferato, is in this room, as well as 3 death minions. This boss has 29,500 heath and has Shadow Magic.He will say "I Plague You!" and then uses Mass Infection. Shields are allowed, as well as heals. The minions have 7,415 health. As we all know, death boosts to Ice and Life. Using feints will cause him to use Dark Pact, giving him a +30% blade. Blades and school traps are allowed. This boss is STUN IMMUNE. When you hit, be warned that you get a -55% Infection. Every certain amount of rounds (forgot how many :oops: :oops: :oops: ) he uses the Death Darkmoor spell (forgot it's name >_<).

Fifth Battle is a Sun boss with 3 Myth Minions. BLADE AND TRAP AT YOUR OWN RISK!! This boss's name is Spirit Of Darkmoor. She has 31,320 health, as well as owning shadow magic. If you blade, she WILL use a Myth Efreet on you. If you trap, she will use a Sun version of Skeletal Dragon. (Sorry if I mix those up. :oops: ) Shields are allowed, as well as heals. She uses a cheat after a certain amount of rounds, using a Myth bubble, a Mythspear, and a Mythblade...and to top it all off, she uses the Myth Darkmoor spell. I'm kind of unsure of what she boosts to, but I know she resists fire. She also has a cheat where she spams heals. If you are an Ice, PLEASE make sure you have Snow Drift in deck!! Those will come in handy when she spams those heals! At one point she may use the Life Darkmoor spell, which will give her an Absorb shield.


You reach Shane Von Shane, a Death boss with 3 storm minions. You can use shields here. BUT! You must must MUST hit him at least every round (just like Belloq) or else he will use a Vampire spell on someone of your group to be on his side. No feints, only school traps. No heals or he'll use an enchanted Vampire on the heal caster. I kind of forgot his health rate, but I know for sure he has over 20,000 (20k).

When you complete the first two dungeons of Darkmoor, at the end of the third dungeon, Malistare comes back as Malistare The Undying.

I suggest going in with a Storm, a Life or Balance, an Ice, and a Fire or Death.

When you first start the dungeon, you battle a boss that goes by the name Yevgeny NightCreeper. He's a moon boss with 3 ice minions. YES, he cheats! He spams ice armor shields on these minions, who spam shields, Snow Angel, and other spells. This boss has about 35,000 (35k) health. He tends to spam the ice armor shield on himself. Heals ARE allowed in this battle. If you use shields, he will use Pierce or Shattered.

Second battle, you meet up with Shane Von Shane (yes, again), but this time he returned as Storm! As well as with Storm minions. He holds the same cheats as the first time, depending if you fought him the first time or not, they're listed under Castle Darkmoor, but I'll list them here again. :) You must must MUST hit him at least every round (just like Belloq) or else he will use a Vampire spell on someone of your group to be on his side. No feints, only school traps. No heals or he'll use an enchanted Vampire on the heal caster.

Third (and Final battle)
Yes! It is time for............

Malistare The Undying! First, he shows up with 50,000 health. He has a dragon that puts an overtime on every wizard that's in the dungeon. You can NOT use shields, but you CAN use heals! You can use blades and school traps. If you choose to use feints, be careful about it! Make sure you know that you will kill when you hit! But........
He will come back as Shadow Malistare The Undying. He will still have the same cheats, but with 99,000 health. Make your attacks big enough to put a dent in his health. The bigger the hits, and the faster you hit, the quicker he will die and the better rewards you'll get. :)

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!! :-D :) :-D :applause

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